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27 June 2030 @ 10:22 am

❤ One reservation per person; six slots per claim.
❤ First come, first serve.
Asian Entertainment only.
❤ When the name is bold that means the claim is full.
❤ This is for ALL FUTURE blogcrews of mine.
❤ I'm reserving Lee Seung Hyun.
i gotten this idea from razzle_icons

reserve here!!!Collapse )
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27 June 2008 @ 10:59 am
yes the new layout is finally up and im loving everything about it i credit the person on my profile....it took me awhile just to do this....but if y'all want to use it then y'all can y'all don't have to credit me but it would be great if you did :D and im gonna do a blogcrew if its not today then maybe tomorrow (hopefully today) so yea what y'all think???
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25 June 2008 @ 03:41 pm
yes im back....i know its been awhile but i've been busy and y'all know how that can be....and yea im gonna be changing things like layout and probably gonna change it to a Korean Entertainment (and maybe Chinese Entertainment) only blogcrew why??? cause there are a lot of Japanese Entertainment only blogcrews but that don't really mean nothing i guess but still i might will....and when i put a new layout out up im gonna start doing blogcrews again....im thinking about doing reservations post too but i want y'all opinion on that....but when i'll be doing blogcrews again i don't know probably sooner then y'all think....
16 May 2008 @ 08:11 pm
{CLAIM HERE}'s Love is like a serial killer
and i'm his innocent victim

And Im His Innocent Victim.Collapse )